WAX ON the book. WAX OFF the dreads.

It was important to Bob Marley that he grow his dreadlocks in accordance with the laws of nature: no cutting no combing no waxing.  He fastidiously corrected misunderstandings on this point.  "Plenty people have the wrong idea about this locks thing. Like I read in a magazine: ‘Marley came onstage with his waxed locks’… Now that is very much a lie… Them blind man! This come natural.

Unlike Marley, we DO use wax.  Wax paper.  It is important to Dinner Guest Press that you receive your book in fresh form and crisp condition.  So, we hand wrap your book just as a sincerely-hearted chef would wrap a gourmet sandwich.  Looks great.  Ships safe.  A gift sure to uplift!

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